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City of Helena Permit Coordinator

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June 25, 2020

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the City of Helena is requiring all permit applicants to first vet event plans with the Lewis and Clark County Health Department to ensure compliance with current Phase II reopening guidelines from Governor Bullock.

Please visit the L&C County Health Department website at:

and complete the "Event Planning Form". Submit that form following directions provided there. The Health Department will coordinate with you via email.

Once you have email notice that your event plans comply with reopening restrictions, that email MUST be included with all City of Helena permit applications as an attachment. You will not be able to submit a permit application nor will one be approved without correspondence with the Health Department included.
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Certificate of Insurance. You must ensure the City of Helena is a named insured on the policy and it meets the requirements described on the permit application. Click Here to Upload
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All permit applications MUST include email documentation from the Lewis and Clark County Health Department that event plans comply with current stage requirements for COVID-19 reopening. Attach copy of Health Department email correspondence. Click Here to Upload